Universal Truth Ministries


Welcome, to Universal Truth Ministries (UTM) online. Our desire is to help awaken the Christ within you and hopefully, our website will provide enough information to spark the curiosity in you, to seek further and studying to show yourself approved, to the Christ within you. We welcome your interest and will do our best to assist in answering your questions. We are excited about the opportunity to hear from you and we welcome your interest in what we teach, who we are and what is our purpose. Welcome to UTM.


To, empower people to develop their potential by awakening their Divine Nature


The Universal Truth Ministries aspires to be a vehicle for spiritual transformation by communicating to all people in creative and practical ways, the principles for healthy, happy and prosperous living as taught by Jesus the Christ


All our services, for the time being, are being held online.
Sunday Evening Services are streaming live at 7:00 p.m. On ZOOM.
All other services are temporarily suspended until further notice.
Any additional services will be announced via email and on our website.